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The GirlTalk magazine is dedicated to empowering young women and girls to start and spread the discussion of important topics surrounding intersectional feminism, female empowerment, gender & sexuality, and other related issues through our bimonthly online magazine. It is a platform for people to share new perspectives and art, as well as seek new opinions to be informed in gender related issues around the globe. With articles from diverse voices covering a wide range of topics and perspectives, GirlTalk’s international magazine is completely run and organized by high school students. We welcome all genders and different sides of the political, economic, and social spectrum.

The Women’s Resistance Issue the GirlTalk Magazine’s 9th Issue is Out!

We are living in a time with unprecedented levels of rapid communication and instantaneous interaction. Therefore, it is not surprising to wake up one day and see a hashtag advocating for a specific issue or exposing a hidden truth flood the global web. Stories are highlighted, experiences are defined, and information is shared amongst people from every walk of life in every corner of the globe. Often times, this interaction is heightened with the rise of controversial social justice resistance movements. #MeToo and #TimesUp have mobilized national conversations about sexual assault protections and accountability. #BlackLivesMatter has stimulated new policies for police accountability and debates over persisting racist policies. Millions of people have allied themselves in solidarity with social justice issues, but despite the unity created through these hashtags, popular movements often find themselves in question over debates of application, concerns over inclusivity, and more.

The Resistance is GirlTalk’s 9th issue, exploring the complications behind popular resistance movements. Articles tackle a wide variety of issues, from highlighting dance companies such as “Contratiempo” which utilize dance as a resistance medium against colonization and gender roles to discussing radicalizing the #MeToo movement to become more inclusive of marginalized minorities. The Women’s March is analyzed, with articles about its debate over antisemitism and how the women’s march in America can translate to other movements in countries such as the Netherlands. The Resistance aims to unpack nuances of the motivations and mobilizations behind different social justice movements gripping the world today.