Stitching The Divide

Winter Issue 2017


"Letter from the Editors"


Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Girl Talk Magazine!

For this issue, we decided to do something different. Rather than have articles and artwork revolve around a specific theme, we opened this issue for any submission generally relating to gender, sexuality, and feminism, both politically and on a personal level. There is a lot is going on in the political world right now, and there is a lot people have to say. This is reflected in our open issue where we present to you a diverse range of articles that tackle important issues such as political unity, female monuments, gender fluidity, reproductive justice, and more.

From international voices from the Netherlands, India, and America, this issue is a special compilation  of feminist discussions. It reveals deeply personal thoughts and opinions, and comments on gendered conflicts occurring in Palestine and other countries around the world. Welcoming both liberal and conservative opinions, we hear from those who dislike the feminist movement’s agenda and others who feel as if the feminist movement is unfairly characterized.

The phrase “what a time to be alive” perfectly describes today’s day in age. Inflammatory words are being thrown out from people with all sorts of ideologies, and it’s becoming difficult to keep track of what exactly is going on not just in our country, but on a global scale. For such rapidly changing times, the only way for women to continue to remain an influential part in society is to constantly engage in discussion. Through Girl Talk Magazine, we hope to provide a feminist forum for people to try to piece together the words and events that are circulated around the world daily.