To All the Boys who Body Talk

By Lily Kramon

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When I was little, I would always wonder what it would be like to be a girl in middle school. I looked forward to having more freedom in and out of school and I was excited to get closer with my classmates who I would spend the rest of my middle and high school years with. However, I never prepared myself for the obstacles I would face.

After experiencing a full two years of middle school as a female, the majority of the girls in my class, including me, face too many problems that popped up because of our gender.

The first part of the problem started at the very beginning of middle school, when boys in our class created a rating system for girls. They didn’t want teachers to catch them rating us so they used different kinds of food as code words for how they rated us. Sadly, that was only the beginning.

To this day, boys in my class have continuously commented on girls’ bodies and looks. These boys usually didn’t make comments to our face, except for when they had their rating system at the beginning of middle school. However, these comments got around and soon all of us girls realized these immature boys were treating us like toys. These demeaning comment had a huge impact on the girls in my class, including me. We felt uncomfortable wearing tight leggings, because they showed our real body shape and butt size, and the girls were always nervous when they were on their periods because they were terrified that boys would notice.

Without these boys, girls are still self conscious about their bodies and have trouble finding the confidence to feel comfortable in their own skin. These boys simply added on to the heavy weight we girls already carried involving our body image.

The girls in our class haven’t confronted the boys too much about this issue, but we talk to each other and support each other in order to stand up against these disturbing comments. I don’t know if boys will stop commenting on our bodies in high school, but if they do, we will be there for each other and continue to work on gaining more and more confidence.

To all of the boys in my class who have commented on my body and many other girls’ bodies, you have attempted to take our confidence and pride away from us. You make us feel uncomfortable and scared to show the world are raw body shape. While you guys are laughing together after you made another clever comment, there are girls staring at themselves in the mirror, wondering if they are pretty enough for the world. We are not your toys. We are not on this earth to impress you and live up to your standards. We are on this world for way more than our looks and body image. We are here to change the world together as strong and powerful women, and your comments will not stop us.