One Size Does Not Fit All

by Alyse Rovner

I would like to address the term “one size fits all”, which seems to be very popular in women's clothing.

One store in particular, loves and embraces the ‘one size fits all’ mentality, Brandy Melville. Brandy Melville uses an ‘one size fits all’ sizing system, when in reality its clothing targets women a size 2-6, instead of all women. This sizing system caters towards the ideal body standards for women instead of living up to its actual meaning of fitting all people. This creates a biased system of body standards and body image, where it’s so difficult to live up to what should be the perfect body. By sizing clothing on the basis that it should be able to fit everyone; it makes people who aren't able to fit into Brandy’s clothing feel insecure and inferior.  It makes women feel unworthy and abnormal, because they should be able to fit into their clothing if it's marketed as ‘one size fits all’.

In my personal experience at Brandy Melville , there are maybe 5 things in their inventory that might fit me properly and look good on my body and that is being nice. I have been that person in a fitting room who feels upset and thinks that I might be the problem that these clothes don’t fit. This was a rude awakening for me as middle school started and I wanted to fit in with the rest of my classmates, who were able to wear these clothes. For a while I felt that I was abnormal and did not understand why they would say “one size fits all”, if it didn't fit me. The average size of a women in the US, is a size 16, yet Brandy Melville only catered to a minuscule population of Americans that fit that ideal body. After talking to more people, I realized I wasn't the only one feeling that way.

I stopped shopping at Brandy Melville, and have decided to not buy clothing at a place that discourages body inclusivity. I encourage all of you to think twice when shopping at stores that embraces an ‘one size fits all’ mentality, and question whether the exclusivity it promotes, is worth a cute T-shirt.