The Unaddressed Issue of Male Body Image

by Anonymous

In today’s society, there is a such a huge emphasis on “body positivity” for women right now, which is fantastic.  I truly believe that body shaming a woman is disgusting, and it is definitely an issue that needs addressing. That being said, there is also a body image problem that plagues males, which for the most part goes horribly unnoticed.  As a male, I have been told all my life that to be considered “date material” I needed to be a certain height, have a certain build, and even things as stupid as eye color are consistently used as major factors in deciding whether a male is hot or not.  I get that everyone has their own tastes, and that is completely understandable. But, society has drilled it into the minds of young men that if you’re not tall and muscular, you’re not good enough, and that is unacceptable.

I am not a very tall person, nor am I terribly muscular.  On multiple occasions I have been told by a girl that if I was taller she would date me, but I’m “too short to be taken seriously.”  Yes. That was actually something that someone told me. There is nothing more confidence shattering than being told you’re not good enough because of something that you can’t even control.  Male body image issues are arguably just as big of a problem as female body image issues are, and for both problems to go away, serious changes need to be made.