Meet Bella Glanville

by Eunice Park

Interview with Bella Glanville, Non-Profit Founder, International Model, Finalist for Miss Universe Great Britain, & More…

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Meet Bella Glanville.

At the age of 13, she started her own foundation, LoveKidz, inspiring students all over the world to empower themselves with self-love.

At the age of 19, she was one of the youngest finalists for Miss Universe Great Britain 2018.

She is currently an international professional model, foundation director, and mentor - a powerhouse with no plans of stopping.

I had the privilege to interview Bella Glanville about her experiences as a professional model, in Miss Universe Great Britain, and of her work in her Love Kidz foundation.

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Although she started her foundation Love Kidz at the age of 13, the inspiration for it came much earlier, when she used lessons of self-love and confidence to combat her experiences of being severely bullied in primary school. Wishing to share this valuable advice with everyone, the Love Kidz foundation was born, and soon at the age of 14, Bella led her first workshop on self-love. Since then, her foundation has conducted many more workshops, which are personalized to accommodate for a wide range of ages and interests, so that younger students can learn about confidence through sing-along songs and older students can discover tools that crush the myth of perfection and practice self-love.

But what was incredibly special about Bella’s very first workshop at the age of 14 was that it was the very same date she was scouted to be a model. And now accompanied with valuable tools for body positivity and self-empowerment, Bella seized this opportunity gracefully to enter the modeling industry almost as a “Double 007” agent - on a mission to promote these tools.

In all her modeling jobs, from Topshop, Fenty, Vogue, and more, Bella brings the same lessons she’s learned and teaches at LoveKidz with her. For example, Bella is careful to set limits on the types of modeling jobs she’s comfortable with. Although many countries are embracing more curvy, body positive, diverse models, other countries with more conservative roots are still calling for more traditional looking models. Bella speaks about how it’s important that all models of all body types - traditional and diverse-  feel welcome in the industry, but also how she is confident to refuse to do a modeling job that asks her to lose too much weight or wear too little clothes. She makes sure that whatever she is modeling is comfortable, authentic, and empowering to herself.

Even in her presentation at Miss Universe Great Britain 2018, Bella made sure to do just that. Moments before she got up on stage, she decided to wash off all her makeup and even if she was the only competitor without any makeup, Bella felt the most comfortable, confident, and radiant with her natural look. She radiated this confidence on stage as she presented important facts and activism initiatives for Female Genital Mutilation prevention - an issue that affects 130 million girls each year, and something Bella is especially passionate about preventing especially because of her mother’s career as a midwife.

Similarly, in a modeling audition for Stella Mccartney, Bella showed up to the audition in sweatpants and no makeup, right after taking a college exam. Though Bella was initially nervous to be surrounded by glamorous girls with heels, she decided to present her authentic, positive self. Though she respects girls who choose to get ready extensively for these auditions, Bella felt as if her comfortable outfit and look was most genuinely her. She almost felt as if she stood out because of her different look, and later, Bella was thrilled to find out that she had been accepted to model for Stella Mccartney’s show.

For the future, Bella hopes to continue her work in modeling and developing her Love Kidz foundation, inspiring people to see past the myth of perfection in perfectly positioned, lighted, and photoshopped modeling ads and instead learn to formulate self-love. She encourages people to keep positive journals, as well as focus on the aspects of themselves that they enjoy and highlight these qualities through affirmations in a mirror.

And with whatever goals Bella sets her mind on, she is sure to approach them with an open heart, confidence, and self-love, and through this mentality, hopefully inspires others to do so in their own lives too.

Her work can be seen at

IG: @bellaglanville