Issue #13

We are thrilled and so very proud to present our 13th issue. As we begin the new school year, and welcome so new writers, we wanted to share stories that were meaningful and impactful to us. This is why we didn’t stick to one strict theme for this issue; we wanted to explore which ideas were drawn to us based on the world's climate as of late. Along with a special debut interview with 17-year-old show-runner Zelda Barnz, we will be discussing themes related to social pressures, feminist activism, overcoming insecurity and more. In today’s society, women have been receiving tons of backlash, whether it be about their image, views or actions. It’s easy to feel like we’re under attack. Here at The GirlTalk Magazine, we pride ourselves on being a proud group of young women, unafraid to voice our opinions and speak up for what we believe in. For this issue, we touch upon a variety of topics in order to show our audience the wide range of problems or observations we’ve encountered at some point in our lives. We hope some of these stories resonate with you, and that together, through reading and writing, we can all become more inclusive and supportive of one-another. To submit articles, feedback, thoughts and ideas, email us at, or feel free to contact us through our Instagram or Facebook. We’re starting the school year with a bang. We present: Issue 13.