Issue #12

Dear Readers,

We are so excited to share Volume II of The Body Issue! Women’s bodies have become a widely talked about topic. From abortion bans, the Kardashians, #metoo, Instagram models, and more, we see constant interpretations of what bodies should be treated like and what they should look like. This can be overwhelming. In The Body Issue, Volume II, young people break down the most pertinent body-related topics and reflect on how their views of their own bodies have changed. 

Before we continue, we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Eunice Park, Co-Creator of The GirlTalk Magazine. As she enters college, she will no longer be our Co-Editor-in-Chief. Don’t worry, though-you will continue to see her write for the magazine! Eunice has dedicated herself to reaching and empowering young women and girls throughout her entire high school career. Her brilliance and passion has inspired us all and we are so excited to see her take on the world a powerful feminist and hardworking woman.

Two summers ago, in 2017, we published the first Body Issue. This round, many of those conversations continue while new ones are added. Three pieces consider abortion through both personal testimonials and valuable information. Eating disorders, sexual harassment, body image in different cultures, and objectification are brought back to our attention. A male discusses the often ignored areas of male body image, and other teens examine what social media has done to female body standards. At The GirlTalk Magazine, we strive to encourage open conversation about controversial topics that affect gender in an increasingly complicated society. That’s why we’ve collected a diverse set of perspectives to share as a part of the global struggle towards gender equity.

As always, we would love to hear your responses to our magazine. We welcome any feedback or questions about becoming more involved with the Girl Talk Magazine, as we want to continue growing our staff. To submit articles, feedback, thoughts, and ideas, email us at, or feel free to contact us through our instagram and facebook. 

A special welcome to our newest co-editors, Sierra Stern and Sophie Friedberg!


Charlotte Kramon, Sierra Stern, and Sophie Friedberg

What’s Inside: A Brief History on Abortion Rights, Why Women Compare, The Unaddressed Issue of Male Body Image, Pro Choice, Wear The Swimsuit: Interview With Jennifer Weiner, Technology Spotlight | Vantage Point: Utilizing Virtual Reality to Combat Sexual Harassment, Anorexia and Paris: A Not-So-Dynamic Duo, Through the Eyes of Other Cultures, Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Beauty Standards, A Guide to Support Abortion Rights, To All The Boys Who Body Talk