Issue #11

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When it comes to gender, change is happening all around us. Women are achieving what they’ve been prevented from pursuing for centuries, freeing themselves both literally and metaphorically from constraining gender norms. The voices of females echo through the House and Senate. When we laugh at the TV screen, it’s not just because the Three Stooges struck again-women are cracking jokes, too. Young girls smile as Captain Marvel darts throughout the screen, a visual reminder of who they are capable of becoming.

Inevitably, there are those who are resistant to change. Some display their resistance in a very obvious manner, arguing that social justice movements have all their reasoning wrong. The Trump Administration is making daily efforts to bar women from accessing abortion. Others are more subtle, whether that be through media portraying stars a judging women’s clothes. Nevertheless, change and transitions are happening right in front of us, and at The GirlTalk Magazine, we are ecstatic to be a part of it. We decided to dedicate this issue specifically to some of the transitions occurring in the world of feminism.

The staff for GirlTalk is transitioning, too! We are so excited to welcome new members to our team as some of our valued members head to college. (Don’t worry-they’ll still write!) We want to give a special welcome to Sierra Stern, Sophie Friedberg, Monie Choi and Olivia Weiner to their new roles on the leadership team. And, as always, shoutout to Alex Stern, who will keep doing our fabulous layout.