Dear Readers,

Young girls often hear the phrase “the future is female”, echoing inspiration for a future that is more gender equitable with female leaders. However, it is also important to recognize that different generations have experienced distinct obstacles in regards to gender. is issue, we wished to highlight the voices of females from all generations, younger teens, adolescents, adults, and seniors to start a conversation about the different experiences of women across the globe throughout history.

The May Issue of e GIRLTALK Magazine, Women throughout the Years: A MultiGenerational Issue, begins with a seventh grade girl’s reactions on the current atmosphere of name calling in her grade following reporting on objectication in youth from the Summer issue. We hear the voices of current high school teens around the globe discuss their experiences as an adolescent navigating love, feminism and politics, and an in depth analysis is featured about the presence of feminism in Greek life on college campuses. In an interview, Meiko Takayama, CEO of Advancing Women Executives, gives advice to young girls on how to unlock their potential as future high powered executives. Our issue concludes with touching personal reactions of our grandparents’ opinion of the feminist movement throughout history and the contributions of late female activists.

Watching the rise of advocacy for gender equity has been beyond inspiring for us as feminists, editors, and teen girls in high school. Women at the forefront of these movements have all seen gender roles evolve in different ways, and this issue shines light on the individuality of each generation. As we navigate adolescence, mold our identities, and pursue different goals for future career fields, it’s important to realize that our quest for building a future of female leaders will only be strengthened by the diverse and importance voices of female activists, executives, and seniors throughout the generations.