MARCH 2018

In 1918, just above 20% of women in the US worked. Today, that number has risen to about 57%, but it’s dropped since 2000. While Rosie the Riveter was the classic symbol for working women under a century ago, today, women work in a vast range of occupations. The 5th issue of GIRLTALK examines women’s experiences in several different fields, from those we see on the news everyday and those that don’t often cross our mind.

While the amount of working women has increased significantly, the diversity in job choices has increased as well. What do these number look like in real life, though? What does an average day look like for a working woman as opposed to a man? How do the obstacles faced by a female doctor differ (and relate) to those faced by women in entertainment? What does the world “compliment” really mean? These are some of the questions that our passionate, talented writers sought to answer. This issue includes interviews with women in the Israeli military, academia, and more, along with pieces about the countless sexual harassment cases from the olympics, entertainment, retail, and more.

Before the thought-provoking discussions about women in the workforce, we decided re-run the global questionnaire from the first issue, Women in Entertainment, where girls from across the globe talked told us what they aspire to be when they grow up. They inspire us to keep pushing for gender parity in the workforce, and remind us that, to quote Oprah, “a new day is on the horizon.”