by anonymous

just a little while ago, brett kavanaugh was confirmed for the supreme court. as someone who is an ally to survivors like dr. ford, and as someone who is a survivor myself, this is a huge step back for our country and the world. he went through because the fbi investigation didn’t interview him or dr. ford, and concluded with a simple statement of “not enough evidence” and now he is a supreme court justice. this is ten steps backwards for America. rape culture is becoming a huge issue. for example, my case was also closed because there “wasn’t enough evidence”, even though the evidence was overwhelming to me. we are so quick to believe a man if he says a girl is a whore, or a bitch, or a slut, etc. yet, when a woman says anything about a man, from something as small as “he’s rude” to something as big as “he raped me”, they’re usually met with “you’re just being too sensitive,” or “where’s your proof”. this is the sad truth. after my assault, society taught me that he did nothing wrong. that i should’ve said no louder and despite the fact that i didn’t say yes, i didn’t say no either, and so it isn’t rape. so i kept quiet. i now have the courage to speak out it freely, but still when i did i was met with skepticism and criticism. my case was dropped. this is why everyone MUST speak out. our voices MUST be heard. they can ignore a whisper, but they can’t ignore a battle cry. and still, just talking about won’t change anything. we have to act. together, words and actions can make an incredible difference. everybody needs to send postcards, everybody needs to speak out, everybody needs to march, it’s time that we as a community started to stand up for what we believe in. during this time we all need to be there for eachother. if anybody needs to talk or needs help there are an infinite number of resources. believe survivors. no means no means no means no, silence means no, “i don’t know” means no. anything less than a yes, means no. don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. love yourself and others. change the world.

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