Especially today, the media devotes a significant amount of time discussing women and their bodies. Advertising promotes the idea that women are expected to adhere to a perfectly crafted body and beauty standard with defined facial features and often unnatural hair color. Imagery that narrowly define womanhood occupy our TV and computer screens.

But despite the media’s shortcomings in restricting women, one of the most powerful conversations that have emerged from the media has been the #MeToo movement as a reaction to Harvey Weinstein’s accusers coming forward with an abundance of allegations reporting sexual harassment and assault. Many of these cases had been kept secret for decades, despite the fact that “everyone knew they were occurring.”

GirlTalk Magazine’s second issue, The Body Issue, addressed body image on a personal level, uncovering its role in our lives, and its effects on the way we perceive ourselves. While Redefining Womanhood still contains personal self reflections, the GIRLTALK Magazine’s 4th issue focuses on the issue of women’s bodies and the role they play in interactions between individuals, communities, and nations with a more global perspective.

Along with pieces about consumerism shaping society, school health classes, reproductive rights, and more, this issue contains special interviews from women who are making marks on the world each day. Our conversations with Emine Bozkurt, advisor for the IDEA organization and former parliamentary member, reproductive justice activist Brittany Brathwaite, and a woman who witnessed the daily wrath of Harvey Weinstein at Miramax, enhances our understanding of the complexity of womanhood in a rapidly changing world

This jam-packed issue begins with girls from all over the world expressing gratitude for women they are grateful for. With the approaching Thanksgiving, season filled with giving, GirlTalk recognizes the countless women who deserve appreciation every day.


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Former Parliament Member & Current Advisor of International Institution for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)