Global Questionnaire

compiled by Eunice Park

How do you see the changing role of women in society?

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“I think more people in the world are understanding that if we empower women, we empower everyone. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of sexism in my country. There’s still a lot of sexism around the world. But, slowly and surely, we are making progress. People are making more investments in girls’ education. This makes girls like me be able to be educated to get access to a lot more different types of jobs in the future and chase after our dreams in what we want to do.”

16 years old, India

“I feel like the future is female, but the future is also intersectional. The changing role of women in our society is that now our society recognizes more than ever how important women are to offer their diversity of experiences and identities.”

18 years old, USA

“South Korea recently had a female president. Even if she was very unpopular, it still gave me hope because it showed that nowadays, women can achieve great career aspirations. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. My grandparents, because of their more traditional perspectives, want me to be a nurse, but my parents are more encouraging of my dream to become a doctor. I’m inspired when I see women in high positions of power because it helps me believe it is possible for me too.”

16 years old, South Korea

“I’ve been lucky to have been raised by a single mother and be surrounded by sisters. They show me how powerful, strong, and capable women are. They make me excited for the future, especially now, with more choices being available to women in the types of jobs we can have, the families we can choose, and more.”

18 years old, Mexico

“With #MeToo and #TimesUp becoming at the forefront of national discussion, I feel like women are more empowered than ever to speak up and demand justice. I wouldn’t say that women are changing, but more so that there are more opportunities available to them. Women have been strong since forever, but now, we are finally being heard and believed.”

18 years old, USA