Global Questionnaire

Compiled by Eunice Park


What characterizes a woman in power?

“ A woman in power is strong. She is loyal to her community and loving to her neighbors.”

  • 16 year old girl from Guatemala

“I think a women in power is distinguished by her sacrifice. Though it shouldn’t have to be this way, in order for a woman to achieve a level of power, she often has to sacrifice many things in order to please society that expects double standards from her.”

  • 18 year old girl from China


  • 16 year old girl from India

“I don’t think there’s any singular personality trait that characterizes a woman in power. It’s definitely a combination, with some traits being moral courage, resilience, and passion.”

  • 17 year old girl from USA

How can society uplift women in leadership positions?

“Maybe we should stop holding women to an impossible standard. It’s sad how much the media obsesses over every move and choice of women who are public figures, especially celebrities and artists.”

  • 16 year old girl from South Korea

“Change starts within our own community. In order for society to uplift women in leadership positions, we need to start embodying the role models we want to see. Women need to support each other, and men need to step up and realize that women’s rights are human rights too.”

  • 18 year old girl from India

“We need to see more representation in the media. Real representation of real women of all body types, backgrounds, and more, so that all girls can find inspiration to pursue their hopes and dreams.”

  • 17 year old girl from USA