The Women in Power Issue

February / March 2019

“Women in Power” is GirlTalk’s 10th issue. It explores power dynamics through articles that speak about leadership roles in all-girls schools to a 7th grader’s reflection on what it means to be a “Girl Boss”. In a global questionnaire, girls from China, India, the USA, and more, reflect on their interpretations of what characterizes a woman in power and her role in promoting women in leadership positions. In this issue, GirlTalk is also excited to highlight specific women in power, with a feature on the leaders behind the Pad Project working to raise awareness of menstrual inequality as well as the profiles of female politicians set to create transformational change in Congress and perhaps even the 2020 US Presidential Race. With interviews of women with leadership positions in schools and corporations, GirlTalk’s 10th issue discusses what it means for girls to demand what they deserve and never settle. Furthermore, aside from advice on advancing one’s own hopes and aspirations, the “Women in Power” issue engages in analyzing what it means to be an ally in this era of change.

We hope you enjoy this jam-packed issue, with multiple perspectives, interviews, and more.

Through a 7th Grade Lense