Resources and Partners

The Feminist Focus is a platform for advocacy through which Girls Learn International student feminists have the opportunity to share their experiences with social issues in their communities. Pieces include op-eds, interviews, feminist news, poetry, visual artwork, and more. We feature a wide variety of perspectives and hope this blog represents our 200+ domestic and international Chapters.

Women Connect4Good, Inc., a 501(c)3 foundation, educates people to develop women-helping-women networks that raise the status of women globally. The foundation works to help young women Develop crucial skill, Learn to take charge of their live, and Connect deeply with others to create change.

The foundation produces podcasts, develops websites, distributes newsletters, maintains Women Connect4Good, Inc. resources, publishes books, provides keynote speakers, conducts research, surveys and other studies and publishes the results, and facilitates networking among smart, amazing women devoted to changing the world.