DaliTalks: Anti-Bullying and Diversity Education

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By Mason Maxam

DaliTalks: Anti-Bullying and Diversity Education

Dali Rivera proudly created an anti-bullying and diversity education program. She speaks at many schools and spreads her teaching method to other educators. Dalia’s goal is to change the way we talk about bullying. She believes parents and kids must be included in important discussions around bullying.  In tandem with her program, she has created a blog to expand her audience called Dali Talks. Rivera used 4 steps to describe her method including getting rid of stereotypes used for justification and learning about prevention methods. Her curriculum is very clear and extremely inclusive in a unique way. It raises important questions and encourages participation through games and other techniques. She also talks about our fear of people being different. This fear gives bullies power as well as reinforcing unhealthy, and harmful stereotypes. Through addressing issues of cultural diversity, beauty standards, and more, Dali Rivera’s curriculum provokes thoughtfulness and kindness from those receiving the education. Beyond that, there is even a section about how to interact with people who are bullies, which is a wonderful way to promote forgiveness. This is the kind of bullying program kids should be using in school.

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In my experience, bullying is described in a physical way, but really there is much more to it. Through this program, people can learn that our differences are really what makes us stronger. Bullying has a lasting effect on people but if we can start educating students at a young age we can remedy that problem. Dali’s program also teaches kids lessons that will last them a lifetime. Inclusion, acceptance, and love are values that will serve us right throughout the entirety of our adult lives. I highly recommend that educators and students of all ages look into this program as a way to check-in with yourself and your own values. Dali Rivera is truly a powerful woman who is using her voice to create tangible change in the lives of students everywhere.