Who Are We?

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GIRLTALK is a magazine dedicated to starting and spreading the conversation surrounding feminism, women, and other gender related issues. GIRLTALK is a forum for people to discuss and be informed about gender related issues around the globe. With articles covering a wide range of topics and perspectives, GIRLTALK is a magazine completely run and organized by high school students. Hearing from all genders and different sides of the political, economic, and social spectrum is essential to GIRLTALK’s mission. We are not a one-sided organization, and welcome critical and constructive discussion of gender.

How We Started

Like any project, GIRLTALK Magazine started with an idea. One of us had a crazy idea to develop a global feminist magazine, and approached each other due to our shared passionate about gender inequality. After multiple hours drafting content, Starbucks meetups, and design meetings, this idea transformed into a reality. At the end of the day, we hope to provide a platform for everyone, all genders and sides of the political spectrum, to discuss how gender plays out in our lives and on a global scale.

 Co-Editors in Chief Charlotte and Eunice   

Co-Editors in Chief Charlotte and Eunice



Eunice Park & Charlotte Kramon, Co-Editors in Chief

Ali Wood & Alyse Rovner, Co- Directors of Publicity & Outreach

Hannah Ji, Director of Technology and Media

Alex Stern, Director of Layout and Design